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Page last updated:: Monday, February 06, 2023

Federal Tax Authority organises introductory seminar

Federal Tax Authority organises introductory seminar Monday, February 06,2023

Federal Tax Authority organises introductory seminar on the new, simplified procedure for registering retailers in the upgraded digital system for refunding tax to tourists


Dubai, UAE - 6 February 2023 – The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) organised an interactive introductory seminar for retailers about the new, simplified, 100% paperless procedure for registering in the digital system for refunding value added tax (VAT) for tourists – the most advanced of its kind in the world.


Held in Dubai, the session was organised by the FTA in collaboration with Planet – the company that operates the VAT Refund Scheme for Tourists – and brought together a large audience of retailers operating in the UAE. The seminar presented ways to sustainably improve the registration experience for retailers in the tax refund system for tourists by constantly communicating with those who use the system, taking their suggestions and obserVATions into consideration when developing new plans that and systems.


During the seminar, representatives of FTA and Planet provided a comprehensive explanation of the procedures required to register retailers in the digital system developed to refund VAT to tourists, stressing that all relevant business sectors must review the registration guidelines. The experts gave a presentation on how to submit requests to register retail stores in the system, and what needs to be taken into consideration while filling out applications and documents required for registration.


The Authority noted in a press statement that the introductory seminar saw great interaction from the participants, who were informed that the FTA is implementing continuous measures to further improve the registration service for retailers by adding new features that provide more facilities during the registration process. The session went on to answer participants’ inquiries in that regard.


The Federal Tax Authority confirmed that the digital system to refund tax to tourists was developed according to the latest standards to guarantee efficiency and speed of performance, and offer easy and clear procedures. The FTA is committed to holding consultative meetings with users of the system to gauge their views based on their practical experience with it, building on them to develop procedures, in line with the Authority’s strategy to provide the best services, continuously review its operational plans, enhance efficiency in performance, and facilitate procedures, in order to ensure the happiness of its customers.

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