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Page last updated:: Monday, December 18, 2023

Federal Tax Authority holds first forum to honour its strategic partners

Federal Tax Authority holds first forum to honour its strategic partners Monday, December 18,2023

Dubai, UAE - 18 December 2023 – The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) honoured its strategic partners from federal and local government entities, the media and banking industries, as well as the priVATe sector in general, in recognition of their contributions and efforts to support the Authority’s work, its commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operations, and its dedication to realising the UAE leadership’s vision to make the UAE one of the best and most developed countries in the world.


His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, asserted: “In collaboration with our strategic partners and all relevant authorities, the Federal Tax Authority has successfully established a fully electronic tax system in line with international best practices in that regard.”


In his speech during the first Forum for the Strategic Partners of the Federal Tax Authority 2023, which was held in Dubai in the presence of stakeholders from across the tax sector, H.E. said: “The UAE tax system has managed to mature in a relatively short period of time, accomplishing many of its key objectives. Most notably, it has enabled the diversification of the country’s sources of income, which allows for offering top-quality public services for generations to come, all in a sustainable environment with advanced infrastructure. The Authority has accomplished a great deal and recorded significant and continuous growth in its customer base and services, while continuing to improve its systems and processes.”


Since its establishment, the FTA has been committed to strengthening its strategic partnerships with all relevant federal and local government entities, as well as the priVATe sector,” H.E. Al Bustani explained. “These partnerships were essential to the tax system’s successful implementation and helped achieve a number of significant objectives, such as the advanced electronic integration of the tax system with the systems of all relevant entities, and the online delivery of all FTA services. The EmaraTax comprehensive digital tax services platform can be used to seamlessly and quickly access services, such as registration, filing Tax Returns, paying due taxes, and processing refund requests for eligible taxpayers, all of which can be done with simple and quick steps, requiring no personal or paper transactions.”


“This Forum for the Strategic Partners of the Federal Tax Authority 2023 aims to honour our strategic partners, with whom we have formed an integrated ecosystem bringing together various government entities, in coordination with priVATe sector institutions, where every partner plays a part in realising our wise leadership’s vision,” H.E. added.


The FTA Director General honoured representatives of the Authority’s strategic partners, thanking them for their efforts and contributions to the UAE’s progress and leadership.

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