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FTA Strategy


A world-leading tax authority in collecting tax revenues and instilling a culture of voluntary compliance to support financial sustainability



Managing, collecting and executing federal taxes, applying tax procedures efficiently and effectively, and increasing voluntary compliance and tax awareness

Core Values

  • Integrity

    Do what is right without fear or favor in all circumstances.

  • Trust

    Promote firm belief in the reliability of services offered amongst taxpayers.

  • Confidentiality

    Keeping taxpayer's data confidential.

  • Proactiveness

    Taking the initiative to adopt newer ways of working in an agile manner.

  • Team spirit

    We work as a team to provide the best services and accomplish tasks and business

FTA’s Strategic Objectives

  • Strategic Objectives

    • Raising the efficiency of the tax system and easen the payment of taxes in the country
    • Enhancing tax compliance and minimizing tax evasion


  • Main objectives

    • Develop and implement efficient tax policies and tax procedures
    • Develop a tax system for taxpayer registration,  tax returns, payments and refunds based on a pre-emptive and flexible manner
    • Ensure that audit, collection and tax enforcement programs are implemented efficiently and in accordance with the risk driver

  • Enablers Objective

    • Attracting and empowering the best human talent, providing efficient and effective corporate services and digital infrastructure
    • Enhancing innovative practices based on agility, proactivity and readiness within the work system


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