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FTA Strategy


A pioneering, world-class tax authority that supports sustainable financial diversification.



Collect and administer federal taxes, in addition to implementing tax regulations in accordance with high standards and international best practices, striving for innoVATion and efficiency, and focusing on stakeholders needs and customer expectations.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    We provide our tasks and services with clarity, consistency and transparency in accordance with tax laws and procedures

  • Leadership & Excellence

    We apply the best tax standards and practices and work on sustainable development and improvement

  • Innovation

    We continuously innovate in our policies, procedures and services to make a quantum leap

  • Professionalism

    We provide our services professionally in accordance with policies, laws and tax procedures

  • Team spirit

    We work as a team to provide the best services and accomplish tasks and business

FTA’s Strategic Objectives

  • 1- Development of an integrated and effective tax environment in accordance with international best practices and system

    • Enabling taxpayers to pay taxes.
    • Enabling the authority to collect taxes.
    • Supporting the economic development processes in the country.

  • 2- Achieve the highest levels of tax compliance and promote self-compliance among taxpayers

    • Develop tax compliance, returns, audit and enforcement systems.
    • Dealing with cases of non-compliance.
    • Develop and implement programs that help taxpayers understand their obligations.
    • Create an environment that encourages compliance with tax laws and procedures

  • 3- Ensuring the delivery of administrative services based on quality , efficiency and transparency Standards

    • Develop and implement supporting task programs to support departments in achieving the authority's tasks.
  • 4- Enhancing the culture of innovation and creativity in the organization

    • Develop and implement programs that encourage stakeholders to innovate in services, processes and systems.
    • Preparing future plans to keep pace with local, regional and global developments.

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