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Guides, References & Public Clarifications
Page last updated:: Saturday, March 19, 2022
The Federal Tax Authority provides you with a set of guides, clarifications and references that will help you understand your tax obligations.

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VAT User Guide(Registration, Amendments, De-registration) Summary Full Guide Turnover Declaration Letter Form Change Email Address Turnover Declaration Letter - De-registration
Nov 2018
VAT Guides
Tax Group User Guide (Registration, Amendments and De-registration)
Nov 2018
VAT Guides
VAT Importer Guide (Registered and Non-registered)
Jan 2022
VAT Guides
Tax Registration Number Linking with Customs Registration Number (TRN - CRN Linkage)
Sep 2021
VAT Guides
VAT Refund User Guide
Oct 2021
VAT Guides
VAT Returns User Guide
Aug 2021
VAT Guides
VAT Payment for Commercial Property Buyers Guide
May 2021
VAT Guides
Taxable Person Guide - Value Added Tax
Jun 2018
VAT Guides
Director's Services
Mar 2018
VAT Guides
Tax Groups Guide – Value Added Tax
May 2018
VAT Guides

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