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How To Become An Accredited Software Vendor?

Tax Accounting Software plays an important role in assisting taxable persons to comply with their tax requirements by capturing and providing the accounting information for tax reporting. The Federal Tax Authority requires that the Tax Accounting Software providers adhere to certain requirements and guidelines in order to comply with the obligations set out in the tax laws.


Please refer to our requirements document to understand the Tax Accounting Software related requirements of the FTA. If these are met, a written declaration form can be completed. The steps for submitting a written declaration form are detailed below. The guidelines for submitting the written declaration can be downloaded from here.


Tax Accounting Software providers who have provided a written declaration that their software adheres to these requirements and guidelines may be listed by the FTA in the Tax Accounting Software Register (TASR).





  • 1

    Submit the application through Emaratax – Tax Accounting Software Service  

  • 2

    Application Review:


    • FTA – TAS team will review the application. 
    • If further information is required, request will be reverted to user . 
    • Request will be rejected if it doesn’t meet the criteria. 
    • Request will be approved if the application meets all required criteria

  • 3

    Complete the registration process:

    • Upon approval, user will receive an email from FTA along with a confirmation reference to make a payment of AED 10,000 to complete the process.
    • Once the payment is successfully completed, user will receive a Payment Reference Number

  • 4

     Software details will be updated in Federal Tax Authority Website Click here

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