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Currently, you can only download an acknowledgment for returns submitted in EmaraTax. Once you submit your tax return, you can find the acknowledgement screen from which you can download the acknowledgment.
You will also receive an email from the FTA acknowledging your return submission in EmaraTax. 
Please follow the instructions provided in the reset password email you received. You will need to login to EmaraTax using the temporary password. Once you are logged in, please follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.
For further information, please refer to the user manual and video for password reset.
The list of refunds for VAT and Excise Tax are organized in EmaraTax by date, with the most recent one on top. You can view the list of transactions including payments under the "transaction history" section of the "My payments" dashboard. As this list is already sorted by date, you can filter the list based on your required date range.
The FTA has published several user manuals covering many topics. Please click on the links for VAT user manuals and Excise Tax user manuals and search for the user manual that you need.
If you are an existing user and are facing this issue, please contact our Call Center at 80082923 or email us at info@tax.gov.ae and provide screenshots of the issue you are facing along with your GIBAN.
If you are a new user and have just registered with the FTA, it will take a couple of hours for your GIBAN to be activated by the Central bank of the UAE. Once this is done, you should be able to create a payment reference number in EmaraTax and complete your GIBAN payment.
You can cancel your payment reference number using the “Allocations pending payment” tab. The liabilities that had been selected as part of that payment reference number will then be released and will be visible again on your "Select and Pay" screen.
Please follow the below instructions:
• click on “My payments” in the menu on the left side of your screen,
• click on “Select and Pay”,
• click on “Allocations pending payment”.
Yes you can, as long as you haven't yet made your payment via GIBAN. If you wish to make a payment via MagnatiPay for the same liabilities that you created a payment reference number for, you must first cancel the payment reference number and then proceed to make the payment via MagnatiPay.
The "service charge" levied by MagnatiPay would be 0.68% of the transaction value plus VAT.
Please check this short guide about homebuilder refunds in EmaraTax by clicking here.
Please check this short guide about homebuilder refunds in EmaraTax by clicking here.
You can make an advance payment specifically towards your immediate next tax return by choosing the required option under the "Advance Payment" section of the "My Payments" screen. Your immediate next tax return will be displayed in the “Payment towards your next tax return filing” field. This advance payment will be held on account until your immediate next tax return is filed. Any excess amount after the settlement of the said tax return will then be used to settle any other outstanding or future liabilities strictly on the basis of due dates starting with the oldest liability first.
Note that, for example, if your tax period is monthly and you file your December return first and then try to make an advance payment, the tax period listed in the "Payment towards your next tax return filing" field would be the subsequent period (i.e. January) and not the one you just filed (i.e. December). Your advance payment would then be held on account till that subsequent period’s return (i.e. January) is filed and will not be allocated to the December tax return that was just filed. The payment for the December return that you have already filed, would need to be made from the “Select and Pay” screen and not as an advance payment.
Note that if you wish to make an advance payment via GIBAN, you must first generate a unique payment reference number in EmaraTax.
This will depend on the banking portal you are using. If you don't have a separate field to enter the payment reference number, please enter it in the transaction remarks/comments/description field. Please note that you should only enter the 6 digits of the payment reference number. Please ensure that you do not include any additional text (e.g. "this is my reference number" or "ref #", etc.).
Yes. You are required to add all the owners and their respective shareholding percentage. The sum of the shareholding percentages across all the owners should be 100%.
Additional mandatory information has been introduced in your registration form in EmaraTax. As such, if you cannot find your draft registration amendment application in EmaraTax even though you had already created it in the old system, please submit a new registration amendment application in EmaraTax.
As some of your registration information may have become outdated (e.g. trade license, business activities), you will have to complete your "first amendment" application in EmaraTax by following the below steps:
1) Login to EmaraTax and navigate to your Taxable Person tile
2) Click on the "Actions" button on your VAT or Excise Tax tile to amend your registration application.
Once your first amendment application is approved by the FTA, an "Edit" option will be enabled in your “Actions”. Click on "Edit" and follow the steps where you will find the option to link your customs registration number with your TRN. 
EmaraTax checks for duplicate Emirates IDs for all registrants. As such, the Emirates ID that you have provided in your registration application may have already been part of another registration application for a different Taxable Person account and that's why you received the pop-up message. Nevertheless, this pop-up message will not prevent you from proceeding with completing and submitting your registration application.
If you are in a net refundable position, you can apply for a refund by clicking on “VAT” in your dashboard and choosing VAT311.

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