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Tax Clarifications Request

The FTA will announce in due course the date from which clarification requests will be accepted for Corporate Tax purposes.

Page last updated:: Sunday, March 12, 2023
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Tax Clarifications Request <br/><p style="color:#ff0000;">The FTA will announce in due course the date from which clarification requests will be accepted for Corporate Tax purposes.</p>
  • Service Description

    Through this service, the FTA issues a Clarification which is an official, signed, and stamped document in response to a query by the applicant regarding the tax treatment of specific transactions.


  • Channels and working hours
    FTA’s website:
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Service Fees Details
  • Estimated Time to Submit Application
    30 Minutes.
  • Estimated Time to Complete Application by the FTA
    50 business days from the date the completed application was received.
  • Required Documents and Forms
    • Documentary proof to support the factual and legal grounds on which the request is based (e.g. sample invoices, contracts, payment slips or other).
    • Valid Passport copy.
    • A scan of a signed document proving that the authorized signatory has the necessary authority.
  • Procedures and Steps
    1. Access the Clarifications’ form available on the FTA’s website by clicking here.
    2. Fill in the form electronically and attach the required and relevant documents.
    3. Submit the form.
  • FAQs
    1. Are Clarifications subject to reconsideration?

    Clarifications are not considered decisions by the FTA, hence, they are not subject to reconsideration.

    2. Can Clarifications be used by other persons?

    Clarifications only relate to the persons mentioned in the decision.
  • Terms & Conditions
    1. This service must not be used to request an exception from paying taxes or waiving/reducing penalties.
    2. If the application is incomplete, or additional information is required, additional documentation may be requested. After submitting the additional documentation, it may take the FTA a further 50 business days to respond to the updated request.
    3. When filling in the form, the applicant must refrain from only referring to the required documents, and should rather provide a brief summary of what is contained within the required documents.

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Page last updated: : Sunday, March 12,2023
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