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VAT Registration
Page last updated:: Thursday, February 22, 2024
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    From Government to Business, From Government to Government, From Government to People

  • Service Channels

  • Obligation to Sign-up


  • Categories of Customers

    All persons required to or entitled to register for VAT with the FTA.

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VAT Registration
  • Service Description
    All persons required to or entitled to register for VAT with the FTA
  • Channels and working hours
    • EmaraTax platform:
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Federal tax Authority  Mobile Application
  • Service Fees Details
    Free of charge
  • Estimated Time to Submit Application
    45 Minutes.
  • Estimated Time to Complete Application by the FTA
    20 business days from the date the completed application was received
  • Required Documents and Forms
    • It will be necessary for you to prepare the following information in an appropriate format and include it in your online application:
    • Valid trade license(s)
    • Passport/Emirates ID of the authorized signatory(s)
    • Proof of authorization for the authorized signatory(s)
    • Contact information
    • Bank letter validating the bank account details of the applicant


      Depending on the basis on which you are registering, other relevant documents may include:

    • For taxable supplies (applicable for all legal types except Federal and Emirate Government)

      o Audit report audited or non-audited financial statement.

      o Self-prepared calculation sheet which may include details to calculate the taxable/zero-rated supplies based on financial records

      o Revenue forecast with evidence (e.g., Local Purchase Order or Contract)

      o Monthly turnover declaration for the specified periods that is signed and stamped by the authorized signatory on the entity’s printed letterhead

      o Supporting financial documents (e.g., invoices/LPOs/contracts/title deed/tenancy contracts)

    • For taxable expenses (applicable for all legal types except Federal and Emirate Government):

      o Audit report, audited or non-audited financial statement

      o Expense budget report

    • Articles of Association/Partnership Agreement (if applicable)
    • Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable for Legal Person)
    • Documents which show ownership information of the business
    • Customs details (if applicable)
    • Power of Attorney documents (if applicable)
    • Club, charity or association registration documents and supporting evidence (applicable if you selected “Legal person – Club, Charity or Association”)
    • A copy of the Decree (applicable if you selected “Legal person – Federal UAE Government Entity” or “Legal person – Emirate UAE Government Entity”)
    • Other relevant documents such as documents providing information about your organization, including its activities and size (applicable if you selected “Legal person – Other”)
    • A scanned copy of the Emirates ID and passport of the manager, owner and senior management
    • A scanned copy of the land/property title deed (applicable if you selected “Legal Person – Incorporate/Legal Person – Club or Association/Legal Person – Charity/Legal Person – Federal UAE Government Entity/Legal person – Emirate UAE Government Entity/Natural Person”)


      Accepted file types are PDF, JPG, PNG and JPEG. The individual file size limit is 5MB.


      Required Forms:

    • Below are the templates that you may need to complete and upload as part of your online application:
    • Taxable supplies – Turnover declaration template
    • Taxable expenses – Turnover declaration template
    • Turnover declaration letter form
  • Procedures and Steps
    1. Sign-up for an EmaraTax account through the FTA’s website and activate it
    2. Access the EmaraTax account dashboard
    3. Create New Taxable Person Profile
    4. Click on “View” to access the Taxable Person Account
    5. Click on “Register” under “Value Added Tax”
    6. Complete the registration process
  • FAQs

    1. Who is obliged to register for VAT?

    UAE-resident businesses who make taxable supplies in the UAE must mandatorily register for VAT provided the value of their taxable supplies and imports in the last 12 months exceeded, or is expected to exceed in the next 30 days, the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000. Non-UAE-resident businesses who make taxable supplies in the UAE must also mandatorily register for VAT, regardless of the value of its taxable supplies and imports, where there is no other person obligated to pay the due tax on these supplies in the UAE

    2. Who may to register for VAT?

    UAE-resident businesses who make taxable supplies in the UAE may voluntarily register for VAT if the value of their taxable supplies and imports, or taxable expenses, incurred in the last 12 months exceeded, or is expected to exceed in the next 30 days, the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500

    3. When will the VAT registration certificate be received?

    The soft copy of the VAT registration certificate will be available on the registrants e-Services account dashboard. However, the registrant, where required, may access the service by clicking here

  • Terms & Conditions
    1. Registration provisions apply to any natural or legal person conducting business in the UAE, even if the person has no trade license
    2. The person required to register for VAT must file a registration application with the FTA within 30 days of being required to register

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