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Page last updated:: Sunday, April 03, 2022

The Federal Tax Authority launches its Youth Council to develop a generation of future leaders

The Federal Tax Authority launches its Youth Council to develop a generation of future leaders Sunday, April 03,2022

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has announced the launch of its Youth Council, an initiative launched in alignment with the Federal Youth Authority. The new forum aims to support and empower youth while simultaneously enabling the FTA to benefit from the council members' ideas and vision.

The new council will fulfil several key objectives, including adopting its members’ suggestions to continuously improve work mechanisms, preparing a new generation of future leaders, providing a platform for innoVATion, and linking its outputs with the FTA senior management for use in implementing the Authority’s future strategies.

His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, stressed that this important step comes within the framework of government directions to enhance the empowerment of young people in various sectors and facilitate their role in public, community and business life.

He said that the establishment of the council would play an instrumental role in investing the energies and talents of young people, with youth the builders of both the present and a promising bright future, thereby enabling the UAE to cement its position as one of the best countries in the world in all areas.

“The formation of the new Federal Tax Authority Youth Council comes in line with the preparations for the next fifty years, which depend on youth excellence and their creative ideas to build our nation’s future. The Youth Council will allow young employees to actively participate by expressing their innoVATive ideas to shape the Authority’s future and achieve its vision to be a world-leading tax Authority that supports sustainable financial diversity,” said His Excellency.

In a press statement issued today, FTA explained that the work plan of the Federal Tax Authority Youth Council, in alignment with the Federal Youth Authority, will include several initiatives to achieve the council’s goals, most notably empowering young people, enabling them to express their opinions and enhancing their participation in the continuous development of the Authority’s youth work systems. The council’s formation would enable its members to develop their leadership abilities while allowing the FTA to benefit from their energies and creative enthusiasm.
The FTA indicated that the council would achieve its goals by supporting the meaningful representation of young people. It said that it would encourage them to participate and positively influence the Authority’s procedures and decisions, enhance their participation in activities and events, allow them to represent the Authority in official seminars and conferences, and create effective channels of communication between the bodies.

The Authority explained that the council would provide an environment that would be responsive to the aspirations of young people by holding periodic meetings and establishing interactive platforms to listen to their ideas and develop their abilities to share their ideas freely and to contribute effectively to making decisions that positively impact the Authority’s work areas.

FTA clarified that the council would provide the necessary mechanisms to its members to open the way for their unlimited energies and capabilities by communicating the voice of young people, enhancing their contributions, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge that will open up opportunities for them and allow them to participate effectively in decision-making, in line with the fields and directions of the Authority.

FTA indicated that it would appreciate the efforts made by the Authority's youth, acknowledge their achievements and outstanding performance, stimulate their commitment and loyalty, and consolidate their role in contributing to the realisation of the UAE’s vision.

The Authority concluded by saying that there would be a focus on enhancing the council members' sense of accomplishment in their work. It would create equal opportunities for young people to assume new responsibilities and advance up the career ladder. It outlined that it would do this by providing guidance and tools for them to enhance their professional development in the short and long term, build and develop the skills and capabilities of young people on an ongoing basis in technical and non-technical fields, and support them to improve their job performance.

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