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Page last updated:: Monday, February 19, 2024

UAE InnoVATes 2024: Federal Tax Authority signs agreement with 01GOV Platform to expand use of its Tax 10 platform

UAE Innovates 2024: Federal Tax Authority signs agreement with 01GOV Platform to expand use of its Tax 10 platform Monday, February 19,2024

UAE InnoVATes 2024: Federal Tax Authority signs agreement with 01GOV Platform to expand use of its Tax 10 platform


  • The collaboration agreement aims to strengthen innoVATion and promote institutional excellence.


Dubai, UAE - 19 February 2024 – As part of its agenda for the ‘UAE InnoVATes 2024’ initiative, held throughout the month of February, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) signed a collaboration agreement with the 01GOV Platform, in an effort to expand the use of its own TAX 10 platform.


The Authority launched Tax 10 last year to encourage innoVATion and promote excellence and professional creativity among its employees, in a bid to ultimately upgrade its services, drive sustainable development in both institutional and individual performance, and promote a culture of innoVATion.


The agreement forms part of the FTA’s community contribution during the monthlong ‘UAE InnoVATes 2024’ initiative. The Authority aims to encourage cooperation among various government entities, local academic institutions, and tax authorities across the region, in order to enhance innoVATion in the public sector and provide a model for using advanced technology to upgrade government services.


His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, said: “The Federal Tax Authority is committed to strengthening strategic collaboration frameworks with various entities to promote a culture of innoVATion and empower individuals in the community. This includes providing knowledge platforms for experts to explore best practices and experiences in the field of government tax services that employ advanced technology.”


“Partnering with the 01GOV Platform will set the stage for game-changing, innoVATive projects to be implemented that can forecast the future and enable us to achieve our strategic goals and quickly respond to global developments in government innoVATion, while continuously meeting all requirements to drive a comprehensive digital transformation campaign, and align with the UAE’s national agenda,” H.E. Al Bustani added.


For his part, Jassim Al-Haddad, Head of the FTA’s InnoVATion Team, explained that: “Expanding access to the TAX 10 platform will facilitate regional cooperation, granting licenses to use it to representatives of tax authorities across the GCC countries. Moreover, this will support the government and academic sectors, providing access to representatives from UAE universities and government entities, as well as the community, by offering 100 licenses for community members to use the platform for six months.”


The TAX 10 platform is the first initiative of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing rich content regarding government innoVATion, produced by the Federal Tax Authority gradually over the years. It highlights international best practices in the tax sector, enhances efforts of innoVATion leaders and teams with specialised digital content and tools, in addition to documenting the FTA’s success stories with high-quality digital content.


The TAX 10 platform is built on the latest technologies and smart programmes used in the field; it provides a framework to encourage the active participation of all FTA employees in designing and developing future tax-related experiences and initiatives, and advancing all aspects of the Authority’s operational and service systems. The platform offers a rich digital obserVATory featuring over 3,000 documented global government innoVATion practices across 15 fields, including taxes, financial innoVATions, government services, and future skills.

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