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Page last updated:: Monday, January 30, 2023

Federal Tax Authority launches first event under the ‘Tax Support’ initiative for 2023

Federal Tax Authority launches first event under the ‘Tax Support’ initiative for 2023 Sunday, January 29,2023

Federal Tax Authority launches first event under the ‘Tax Support’ initiative for 2023


Dubai, UAE - 29 January 2023 – The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched the ‘Tax Support’ initiative to raise tax awareness among business sectors in the UAE through direct and sustained contact, as a means to enhance compliance with tax laws and regulations.


The first workshop for 2023 under the initiative was held on 24 and 25 January as a collaboration between the FTA and On Time Business Solutions Centre, which is located in Oud Metha, Dubai.


The Authority stated that the activities of the ‘Tax Support’ initiative will continue throughout the year and cover all seven emirates, in collaboration with relevant centres and entities in the government and priVATe sectors, where experts from the FTA will go on several tours in accordance with a comprehensive timeline. The initiative targets taxpayers and aims to facilitate the process of paying taxes for them, in an effort to raise the rate of tax compliance and awareness around the UAE, in addition to responding to taxpayer enquiries and obserVATions, directing them to the available tax guidelines, and guiding them along the correct procedures.


The Federal Tax Authority indicated that during the workshop held at the On Time Business Solutions Centre in Oud Metha, Dubai, the FTA team answered business owners’ questions and provided them with knowledge and support to overcome any obstacles they face during the online registration procedures, submitting tax returns, paying due taxes, and recovering the amounts that are eligible for a refund.


The Authority explained that these sessions are organised in coordination with relevant authorities and strategic partners, who invite business sectors to attend and participate in the activities of the ‘Tax Support’ initiative. Moreover, the FTA broadcasts many of these workshops via social networking sites, in an effort to allow more people and business to benefit from the seminars.


The Federal Tax Authority invited business sectors to attend the sessions of the ‘Tax Support’ initiative to benefit from expert advice and raise their obserVATions or enquiries for the FTA team to respond to and clarify. The Authority stressed its commitment to coordinating with relevant federal and local authorities to further develop cooperation mechanisms; raise awareness among various stakeholder groups; ensure utmost transparency, clarity, and accuracy of information; and answer queries efficiently to enhance compliance with tax laws and avoid violations.


The FTA is intensifying its coordination meetings and awareness programmes, in an effort to enhance awareness of tax legislation and the associated executive and oversight mechanisms, as well as the facilities that the Authority provides to help taxpayers comply with regulations with little to no impact on their activities.

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