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Page last updated:: Monday, January 15, 2024

Federal Tax Authority recruits 134 Emirati talents to its team in 2023, exceeding targeted rate

Federal Tax Authority recruits 134 Emirati talents to its team in 2023, exceeding targeted rate Monday, January 15,2024

Federal Tax Authority recruits 134 Emirati talents to its team in 2023, exceeding targeted rate


  • H.E. Khalid Al Bustani: The Authority continues to implement its strategy to increase Emiratisation rates through sustainable organisational development.


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 15 January 2023 – The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) appointed 134 UAE citizens to its team in 2023, filling various specialised, technical, and administrative positions.


The figure exceeds the FTA’s strategic targets in that regard, where the Authority had aimed to recruit 123 Emiratis in a campaign announced at the beginning of 2023 to raise Emiratisation rates across all sectors of its work.


In a meeting with the Emirati employees appointed in 2023, FTA Director General His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani said: “Over the past few years, the Federal Tax Authority has achieved numerous milestones in developing its human capital, relying particularly on distinguished national talents. The Authority implemented a strategy aimed at training and empowering its team members – and Emirati employees, in particular – by providing diverse job opportunities in tax-related fields and associated sectors.”


“Since its establishment, the Authority has recruited and continuously trained a significant number of qualified UAE citizens,” H.E. added. “We strive to achieve high rates of Emiratisation, which serves to enhance the role that Emirati citizens play across all sectors, including upper management. We will continue to recruit UAE citizens, in line with the FTA’s strategy to upskill our human capital through sustainable organisational development and capacity building.”


“We are committed to ensuring UAE citizens occupy key managerial and expert positions across all of the Authority’s sectors, and reaffirm that our practical experience has thoroughly demonstrated that Emirati professionals are capable of skilfully navigating tax systems and financial sectors,” the FTA Director General noted.


“With preparations for the next 50 years well under way, and as part of our efforts to support and empower Emirati youth to implement the Authority’s future strategies, we are dedicated to maintaining high Emiratisation rates, supporting, empowering, and prioritising UAE citizens in available job opportunities,” H.E. Al Bustani continued. “We aim to benefit from Emirati talents, adopt their initiatives for continuous improvement in work processes, and invest in human capital to achieve the highest returns from the FTA team.”


The Federal Tax Authority asserted that it implements comprehensive Emiratisation plans, designed to prioritise UAE citizens in job opportunities to meet its employment needs. The FTA relies on effective systems to attract UAE nationals with qualifications and experiences that align with the various available roles.


The Authority also emphasised its commitment to providing all necessary elements for the continuous advancement of its Emirati employees, adopting sophisticated professional empowerment programmes and efficient administrative systems that contribute to establishing a fair work environment that employees can trust and that allows for retaining national talents across all fields.

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