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Page last updated:: Friday, March 18, 2022

FTA Launches New Website with Top-Notch Features that Promote Happiness Among Customers and Enhance Tax System Efficiency

FTA Launches New Website with Top-Notch Features that Promote Happiness Among Customers and Enhance Tax System Efficiency Wednesday, March 16,2022

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched its newly developed website, which provides an innoVATive digital experience characterised by diverse content, clarity and ease of browsing. According to the higehst standards, the website relies on the latest electronic display technologies. FTA’s new website aims to enhance its customers’ satisfaction and happiness of all categories and further improve tax system efficiency.

In a press statement issued today, the Authority explained that its new website tab, www.tax.gov.ae, allows digital participation and provides services in a manner that suits each user according to their needs. The website is designed to meet the requirements of awareness and education. It offers 24/7 direct interaction between the Authority, business sectors, relevant authorities in the tax system in the government and priVATe sectors, specialists, researchers, and all groups interested in this field inside and outside the country.

FTA reaffirmed that its new website was designed with unique features to enable people of determination to access services and information with complete ease. The website provides sign language to obtain a virtual assistance service that directly answers the questions of visitors based on artificial intelligence techniques. When the user points at a specific text, the “Tax Aware Robot Assistant” service translates it into sign language. In addition, the new website offers the ability to increase the font size, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, listening to the page, changing colours, and dark reader.

FTA Director General His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani said: “The development of the website came within the framework of the Authority’s strategy aimed to provide the best services in light of the continuous review of its operational plans to achieve the best levels of performance efficiency. Through its new website, FTA aims to facilitate procedures to achieve the happiness of all categories of its customers, in line with digital transformation plans to boost the UAE’s competitiveness and achieve its vision to be the best government in the world according to the confidence and efficiency indicators.”

His Excellency added: “The development process was based on several stages, the most important of which was studying the obserVATions of site visitors over the past years and considering them. FTA’s development approach was based on involving its key stakeholders in the development processes to foster the tax systems. The Authority was keen to consult with several stakeholders, including governments and priVATe authorities, individuals, companies, tax agents, etc. Their views on development were taken into account based on their experiences dealing through the site. FTA always welcomes those concerned comments and opinions and pays great attention to improving its operations.”

“The developed website was designed to keep pace with future changes and the expected needs of customers and enhance effective cooperation with the Authority’s partners by improving electronic linking mechanisms. The website offers a guide to facilitate FTA’s electronic services to its customers and a chatbot to help the website’s visitors. The Authority set a specialised team to communicate directly to enhance users’ experience and meet their aspirations,” H.E. explained.

“We hope that the new website will contribute to improving the electronic experience of its users who are interested in the tax sector; we call on those concerned to browse the website and benefit from its unique features and services,” he added.

The Authority explained that the developed website provides a comprehensive tax library that provides all applicable tax legislation in the country, guides, references and public clarifications, e-learning programmes, videos, and infographics to support complying with the tax legislation. The tax library also offers a plethora of guidelines designed in an engaging way with clarity of information. The new website offers unique features, including advanced search, a feature to search for tax agents and clearance companies by name and geographical location, to unlock a new level of user’s experience and ensure tax system users’ happiness.

FTA’s new website featured with top-notch design, including a clear and smooth scheme that meets the expectations of its visitors. The website also provides a unique user experience to reach the required service within a few clicks, with the simplicity of the design, inclusive guidelines and information arranged alphabetically for and effortlessly accessed.

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