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Inquiries and Feedback Request
Page last updated:: Wednesday, January 25, 2023
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  • Type

    Customer Service

  • Service Category

    From Government to Business, From Government to Government, From Government to People

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  • Obligation to Sign-up

    Not applicable.

  • Categories of Customers

    All persons.

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    Not applicable.
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Inquiries and Feedback Request
  • Service Description
    Through this service, the FTA addresses inquiries, complaints, and suggestions received from customers.
  • Channels and working hours
  • Service Fees Details
  • Estimated Time to Submit Application
    5 Minutes.
  • Estimated Time to Complete Application by the FTA
    e-Form:2 Business days, Email:2 Business days, Phone:8 Minutes, Taxpayer Support Center:15 Minutes.
  • Required Documents and Forms
    Not applicable.
  • Procedures and Steps


    1. Access the relevant form available on the FTA’s website:
      • Inquiries.
      • Complaints and Suggestions.
    2. Fill in the form electronically.
    3. Submit the form.


    1. Prepare the supporting documents.
    2. Compose an email to containing the details and supporting documents.
    3. Send the email.


    1. Call the FTA on 80082923 during working hours. 
    2. Select the appropriate options using the keypad.

    Taxpayer Support Center:

    1. Prepare the supporting documents.
    2. Go to the closest FTA’s office during working hours.
    3. Collect a ticket and wait
  • FAQs

    1. What languages can be used to raise inquiries, complaints, and suggestions?

    Inquiries, complaints, and suggestions may be submitted in either Arabic or English. However, the contact center may receive calls in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu.


    2. How can the application be followed up on?

    The applicant may follow up on the application submitted using the reference number received after submitting the application.

  • Terms & Conditions
    1. This service must not be used to request a reconsideration of the FTA’s decisions. Reconsiderations may be requested by clicking here.
    2. Never share password or OTP codes with any person, including employees of the FTA.

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Page last updated: : Wednesday, January 25,2023
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