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Exempt and Taxable Persons

4.Who is exempt from Corporate Tax?

Certain types of businesses or organizations are exempt from Corporate Tax given their importance and contribution to the social fabric and economy of the UAE. These are known as Exempt Persons and include:

In addition to not being subject to Corporate Tax, Government Entities, Government Controlled Entities that are specified in a Cabinet Decision, Extractive Businesses and Non-Extractive Natural Resource Businesses may also be exempted from any registration, filing and other compliance obligations imposed by the Corporate Tax Law, unless they engage in an activity which is within the charge of Corporate Tax.


5.How is a Taxable Person subject to Corporate Tax?

In line with the tax regimes of most countries, the Corporate Tax Law taxes income on both a residence and source basis. The applicable basis of taxation depends on the classification of the Taxable Person.


●A “Resident Person” is taxed on income derived from both domestic and foreign sources (i.e. a residence basis). 
●A “Non-Resident Person” will be taxed only on income derived from sources within the UAE (i.e. a source basis). 

Residence for Corporate Tax purposes is not determined by where a person resides or is domiciled but instead by specific factors that are set out in the Corporate Tax Law.  If a Person does not satisfy the conditions for being either a Resident or a Non-Resident person then they will not be a Taxable Person and will not therefore be subject to Corporate Tax. 

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Page last updated: : Dec 12, 2022