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Page last updated:: Monday, April 01, 2024

Federal Tax Authority: EmaraTax smart tax services application is a landmark step towards enhancing quality of the Authority’s services

Federal Tax Authority: EmaraTax smart tax services application is a landmark step towards enhancing quality of the Authority’s services Monday, April 01,2024

Federal Tax Authority: EmaraTax smart tax services application is a landmark step towards enhancing quality of the Authority’s services


  • H.E. Khalid Al Bustani: The application offers users 35 digital services to streamline and expedite their tax procedures.
  • The EmaraTax application offers 15 smart services to facilitate compliance with Corporate Tax requirements.
  • The application forms part of the Authority’s plans to implement highly efficient operational models to ensure zero bureaucracy.
  • The app is continuously upgraded to align with the development and expansion of the FTA’s services.


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 1 April 2024 – The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) asserted that providing the EmaraTax application for smart tax services to users was a landmark step towards enhancing the quality of the Authority’s services, noting that the app, which was launched in October 2023 at the 43rd GITEX GLOBAL, builds on the FTA’s efforts under its comprehensive strategy to drive digital transformation across all of its services, facilitate voluntary tax compliance, and provide proactive services to taxpayers.


In a press statement issued today, the Authority explained that the EmaraTax application can be downloaded to smartphones through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The FTA noted that users have carried out over 4,570 operations through the app, which provides a wide range of digital services to taxpayers to enable users to manage their tax operations with precision, speed, efficiency, and transparency.


The Federal Tax Authority went on to assert that the EmaraTax application is continuously updated to keep pace with the FTA’s plans for the continuous development and expansion of its services, noting that customers can carry out procedures related to Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise Tax through the app, which offers innoVATive solutions that allow them to easily access the Authority’s services from anywhere and at any time, including registration, submission of Tax Returns, payment of due taxes by registered taxpayers, submitting tax refund requests for eligible categories, and submission of reconsideration requests, among other tax procedures.


Furthermore, the FTA revealed that it had added 15 services related to Corporate Tax to the EmaraTax application, as part of the range of facilities the Authority provides in order to ensure the seamless implementation of Corporate Tax and facilitate compliance for taxpayers subject to it using quick and simple procedures. The Corporate Tax services now accessible on the app include registration for Corporate Tax and amendment of registration data, deregistration, account management, and amendment of banking data.


His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, FTA Director-General, said: “The Federal Tax Authority has provided the EmaraTax smart application, offering taxpayers 35 digital tax services, in line with the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme launched by the UAE Government to enhance government efficiency, quality, and agility in the UAE; streamline government procedures; and discontinue unnecessary processes and conditions.”


“The Authority is intensifying its efforts to provide seamless digital services through innoVATive models that reflect the government system’s leadership and excellence, as well as to enhance value by saving time, cost, and effort, all the while ensuring immediate processing and increasing flexible data connectivity,” H.E. added.


“The FTA has set ambitious development plans, in line with the Government Services Quality Charter, implementing effective transformation measures to minimise the number of required documents for service provision as much as possible,” H.E. Al Bustani explained. “The Authority continuously strives to achieve tangible impact within short timeframes to improve taxpayers’ experiences. The EmaraTax smart application streamlines procedures and integrate with other systems and departments; it was designed according to the latest standards to enable taxpayers to benefit from tax digitisation and expedite procedures.”


For his part, Abdulla Al Bastaki, Executive Director of the Information Technology Sector at the FTA, said: “This direction we are taking is a continuation of the Federal Tax Authority’s ongoing development plans. Less than two years ago, the Authority actiVATed the EmaraTax digital tax services platform using the latest technologies used in the tax field around the world. The EmaraTax smart application forms part of the Authority’s continuous plans to update its services, and in preparation for a more advanced future. The main and ultimate goal we aim to achieve is to establish the FTA as a world-leading tax authority.”


“The Authority has been collaborating with its partners in all relevant sectors to develop the EmaraTax application, in an effort to spearhead a significant leap forward in terms of enhancing the tax system and achieving the FTA’s strategic goal to lead a digital transformation across all of its services, allowing for the application’s upgraded services to integrate with the modern services provided by other relevant government entities,” Al Bastaki continued. “As part of this collaboration, the application relies on the unified access digital identity solution UAE PASS for all procedures and services provided by the FTA through the EmaraTax application.”


“As part of its approach to engage stakeholders in the ongoing development processes for tax systems, the Federal Tax Authority consulted with taxpayers and stakeholders across the UAE tax system, taking their opinions into account during the development of the new application, after taking note of their experiences using the EmaraTax platform,” Al Bastaki noted, asserting that the FTA always welcomes feedback and opinions from taxpayers.

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