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Warehouse Keeper Registration
Page last updated:: Tuesday, January 23, 2024
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Warehouse Keeper Registration
  • Service Description
    Through this service, the FTA registers warehouse keepers for Excise Tax purposes
  • Channels and working hours
    •EmaraTax platform:
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Service Fees Details
    • Free for the warehouse keeper registration.
    • • AED 250 to issue an authenticated hard copy of the certificate
  • Estimated Time to Submit Application
    45 Minutes.
  • Estimated Time to Complete Application by the FTA
    20 business days from the date the completed application was received
  • Required Documents and Forms

    For the warehouse keeper registration:

    • Valid Trade License/Business License
    • Passport/Emirates ID of the authorized signatory
    • Proof of authorization for the authorized signatory
    • Declaration on a on the entity's printed letterhead, signed and stamped by the authorized signatory, stating the entity’s activity in relation to goods subject to Excise Tax, in the addition to the activity type (production, import, stockpiling) and the date on which the activity has started 
  • Procedures and Steps
    1. Sign-up for an EmaraTax account through the FTA’s website and activate it
    2. Access the EmaraTax account dashboard
    3. Create New Taxable Person Profile
    4. Click on “View” to access the Taxable Person Account
    5. Click on “Register” under “Warehouse Keeper”
    6. Complete the registration process
  • FAQs
    1. Can a single application be applied for registering multiple designated zones?


      The warehouse keeper registration application includes the request to register one designated zone.  A separate registration application must be submitted for each additional designated zone that will be supervised and managed by the warehouse keeper


    2. How can the registration fee be paid?


      The applicant will be notified once the FTA verifies their Warehouse Keeper registration application, the applicant will then be able to view the “Pay Now” button on the e-Services account dashboard


    3. How are the warehouse keeper registration certificate and registration numbers received?


    After paying the designated zone registration fee, the applicant will receive an email that includes the following information:

    1. Warehouse keeper registration number
    2. Designated zone registration number
    3. Warehouse keeper registration certificate


    The certificate will also be available on the e-Services account dashboard, along with the registration numbers assigned

  • Terms & Conditions
    1. The application for the warehouse keeper requires at least one designated zone to be added
    2. A separate registration application must be submitted for each additional designated zone that will be supervised and managed by the warehouse keeper. That service can be accessed by clicking here
    3. The FTA will register the warehouse keeper and authorize them to supervise the designated zone starting from the date of acceptance of the application

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Page last updated: : Tuesday, January 23,2024
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