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The DTS is a newly introduced control scheme requiring tobacco manufacturers and stakeholders to comply with enhanced standards for the importation and trading of tobacco in the UAE. DTS delivers unique pack marking and encoding to allow product trace-ability from the point of manufacturing through to the final Emirate of distribution, and to support enforcement activity targeting the reduction in illicit tobacco trading. The DTS scheme will require manufacturers to apply specific high security control markers (stamps) and codes to all packs, with the principle aim of the DTS scheme being:




  • To enhance the FTA's ability to control and collect taxes on tobacco products sold in the UAE, following importation or local manufacture..
  • To give the relevant authorities the ability to analyze and audit the supply chain in order to better identify the trade in illicit tobacco products.
  • To meet the compliance standards laid down by the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) through the enabling of tracking and traceability of compliant tobacco products.

  • DTS New Stamp

  • Cigarettes

  • Water pipe tobacco and electrically heated cigarettes

  • DTS App

Industries required to register

  • Manufacturers

    Any UAE-based or overseas/international cigarette manufacturer that sells its products via importation into the UAE for either domestic sales or sales via UAE duty free outlets (airports and ports).
  • Importers

    Any officially licensed importer of record who purchases cigarettes in bulk from domestic or international manufacturers and undertakes to on-sell and distribute within the UAE mainland or UAE duty free markets.
  • Distributors / Supply Chain Agents/ Warehouse keepers

    Any official distributor that will be the recipient of formally imported goods for sales in domestic market or sales via UAE duty free outlets (airports and ports).

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