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How To Become A Tax Agent?

The Federal Tax Authority shall review the application and provide a preliminary approval when an applicant meets the below mentioned registration requirements.

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How to become a Tax Agent

  • Registration Requirements

    • 1

      1. A Bachelor's or Master's degree in tax, accounting or law from a recognised educational institution; or a tax certification from an internationally known tax institution if the Bachelor's degree is in any other field.
      2. Recent professional experience of at least three years in either tax, accounting or law.
      3. Language proficiency document for both Arabic and English, written and spoken.
      4. Certificate of good conduct.
      5. Certificate of medical fitness.

    • 2

      Pass the Authority’s Tax Agent examination.

    • 3

      Pay the Tax Agent registration fees of AED 3,000 (renewable every 3 years).

    • 4

      Hold professional indemnity insurance or be covered by one.

  • Duties of a Tax Agent include

    • 1

      Assist the taxable person with his tax obligations according to a contractual agreement between the person and the Tax Agent, in accordance with the Tax Agent's duties as stated in the tax legislation.

    • 2

      Without prejudice to any obligations in the Law, maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of performing his/her duties as a Tax Agent.

    • 3

      Refuse to participate in any work or plan which may result in a breach of any law by any person or may jeopardise the integrity of the tax system.


    It is prohibited to practice the profession of a Tax Agent without completing the registration and receiving accreditation from the FTA. Doing so constitutes a legal offense.

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