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Ambitious Vision for a Bright Future Set on Solid Foundations

With five decades of awe-inspiring achievements spanning every sector under its belt, the United Arab Emirates is more than prepared to lead a sustainable, effective transformation over the next 50 years, driven by an ambitious, forward-looking vision that builds on firm foundations to achieve further growth and leadership at a global level.


Guided by our leadership’s aspirations to boost the UAE’s competitiveness and firmly position it among the best countries in the world, decisive measures were implemented as part of the ‘Post-Oil Era’ strategy to introduce new and diversified sources of revenue. The ambitious diversification strategy was built around various key pillars, mainly, ensuring economic openness, establishing an advanced infrastructure and attractive operational environment, leveraging wealth to boost people’s prosperity, and transitioning towards a knowledge-based economy – all of which made the UAE a pioneer in this field and an example to be emulated.


The UAE has also established a comprehensive tax system closely adhering to international best practices. For its part, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) constantly strives to achieve the long-term objectives of this ambitious system, chief among them being to ensure economic diversification and secure sustainable revenue sources to fund strategic projects, further strengthen our infrastructure, and provide citizens and residents with advanced public services.

The FTA is committed to enhancing the tax system’s efficiency, improving performance, and encouraging full compliance among businesses by offering seamless online procedures and a sophisticated tax legislation environment that meets the highest global standards.


Furthermore, and in an effort to ensure direct engagement with all community segments at all times and raise tax-system awareness, the FTA leverages its regularly updated website to provide best-in-class e-services, all the while investing in the latest technologies to enhance its engagement with all business sectors.


The Authority’s website is a platform providing access to an array of services, features, and tax system information, allowing users to avail these services responsibly.


His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance
Chairman of the Federal Tax Authority

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